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How to Join

The PreK.Club was developed to help parents looking for high quality early learning experiences for their children. Our web and mobile apps can improve your operation and put your information to good use in the hands of your employees and parents.

It's easy to register.

Create an Account

Joining Prek.Club is simple, secure and free. Click on the Sign In/Register link on the upper right of the screen. Click New Account. Enter your information and click Submit. You are now registered!

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Claim a Site

Log in and enter your school name. Select the site from the drop down. Public information about the site will be displayed.

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Click on the I am the Owner/Director link. Fill in the information required for PreK.Club to validate your information.

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Verification as Owner or Authorized by the Site is next. Select the Method of Contact via Email, Phone, or by uploading documentation.

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Complete the steps to validate. When this process is completed, you will be able to enhance the site and take full advantage of PreK.Club.

Enhance Your Site

Once you have claimed your site, you will be able to enhance your site listing by adding information related to the center, staff, accreditations, supports, etc. This will become the repository of all of the information about the center, including children information.

Find your school and select it to claim it.
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