Shining Light Childcare Development Center

Program Type:
Child Care Facility
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General Information

Shining Light Childcare Development Center is a child care facility facility which provides day care services for all children. Children who experience quality early education and child care in Shining Light Childcare Development Center in the city of Miami receive long term benefits. They have better math, language and social skills as they enter school, and, as they grow older in the county of Miami-Dade, state of Florida, they will require less special education and will progress further in school. This day care is located in the Miami in the county of Miami-Dade, in the state of FL. Several research studies have found that high quality child/day care centers have common characteristics, specially near Miami.


Accredited Professional Preschool Learning Environment

Educational Programs

Subsidized Child Care

Hours of Operations

12AM - 11:59PM
12AM - 11:59PM
12AM - 11:59PM
12AM - 11:59PM
12AM - 11:59PM
12AM - 11:59PM
12AM - 11:59PM

License Information

License number: C11MD1430
Expiration date: Jul 2, 2020

Staff Roster

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